Web Design In Ellisras, South Africa

This pristine town is known for its coal mining activities than any other thing, production of electricity also takes its stake over this town, Ellisras town is currently known by the name of Lephalale this name change was effected in the year 2002 by the Limpopo provincial administration, the name was derived from the River Laphalale which crosses the province itself, the original name came as a result of combining the surnames of two farmers who occupied the town way back in 1960, Piet Erasmus and Patrick Ellis were the two farmers whose surnames formed the name.

Lephalale name too has a meaning according to the natives of the place, the meaning of the word means “to flow” which actually is the river, coal mining is the chief economic activity done here in a large scale, it’s located right within the eastern side of the major Waterberg Coalfields, electricity generation which supplies parts of the Republic of South Africa is another economic activity in the town, agriculture practice is prevalent in the area coupled with tourism plus game farming, all these activities makes the town one of the attractive destination for tourists too.

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