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Christiana is mainly an agricultural town today, but has quite a fascinating history. It may even be sitting on a fortune in lost diamonds!

In the 1870’s diamonds were found in the Vaal River. The former Transvaal Government decided to settle the area hoping to control land disputes and access to diamonds down river. This town was called Christiana after the old Transvaal President’s daughter.

The town is home to one of the largest diggers’ bells ever discovered world-wide. The bell is currently surrounded by mud, having sank in the Vaal River drowning several miners. There have been attempts to recover Christiana’s lost diggers’ bell but so far all have failed. The town has seen its share of Diamond Fever, the lingering effects of the last rush in 1997, when yet more diamonds were discovered here, is still felt today.

Christiana is near an equally precious discovery of an entirely different nature. In 1924, a lime encrusted child’s skull was unearthed by workers at the Buxton quarry. Professor Raymond Dart identified the skull and named the early hominid, Australopithecus africanus or the “southern ape of Africa”. The Taung Heritage Site now stands as a monument to that discovery and is the site of new archeological explorations.

At the time, the discovery of the Taung child skull was one of the most significant archaeological events of all time. It advanced the evidence for the existence of early man in Africa by more than a million years, leading many scientists to theorize that the African continent gave rise to early man.

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