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Web Design In Carltonville, South Africa

Residents of Carltonville all want to have beautifully designed websites. However, it is surprisingly hard and not many of them know how to go about it. Carltonville is a town in Guateng, South Africa and one of the world’s richest gold-producing areas. The key to great website design is quite simple as it involves knowing the universal rules of good design and following them. Below are some tips for website design in Carltonville.

A site owner should ensure that each page on his or her site has something valuable to offer. Although this is not actually related to design, in the real sense it is more important. Most site owners make the mistake of thinking that style is all that matters. One should bear in mind that the role of a web page is to offer something interesting or useful to visitors. If a page does not have that, the owner must fix the problem before worrying about how to present it. For those planning to make money from advertising, it is advisable to go for a ratio of not less than 25% advertising to 75% editorial. For a website to be successful, it has to contain more than just advertising.

Easy navigation is of great importance. The site owner should put some effort into site layout so that visitors can easily navigate it. He or she should ensure that all vital sections are prominently listed. Rather than having subpages from pages, one should link as many pages as possible to the navigation bar.

Nobody likes pop-up windows; hence site owners should not annoy visitors with them. The only reason a website would have pop-ups is because the owner is thinking of his or her own interests rather than those of readers. Also, music that will start playing automatically when the site is loading can annoy many visitors. If sound has to be there, it should be pleasant and easily disabled.

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