Contrary to popular belief, just having a website somewhere on the internet won’t lead customers to your business. The chances of someone stumbling across your website are slim and since few people look past the first (or maybe second) page of Google, it’s highly unlikely that your target audience will find you, even if they try.


For a website to successfully attract visitors, which can then be converted to customers, you need your website to be great looking, optimised for SEO and user-friendly.


Website Mistakes to Avoid


  1. Not Having a Responsive (Mobile-friendly) Website

At least half of all website traffic is from mobile devices and we don’t foresee it changing any time soon. Which is why you need to make sure your website is responsive. If your customers are having difficulty viewing your website on their smart device, they will move on to your competitors.


  1. Having a Slow Loading Website

If it takes more than a few seconds (typically 4) to open your website, your visitors will lose interest and move on to the next website.


  1. Using More than Two Fonts

You might think you’re keeping it interesting by using various font styles, but in reality, you’ll create more confusion than anything else. When you use too many font types, your visitors get distracted which allows them to lose focus on the message you’re trying to convey.


  1. Not Producing Fresh Content

For the sake of your audience returning to your website and offering them something worthwhile, you need to keep your content fresh and new. Additionally, search engines will need to visit your site more often to index updated pages and the more they visit, the higher up you will rank.


  1. Poor Grammar

Spelling mistakes and poor grammar is a big no-no! It says a lot about your attention to detail which will make your audience view you as less credible. While your credibility might have nothing to do with your website, first impressions last which is why you need to double, even triple check your site for mistakes. 


Ideas to Make Your Website Stand out from Your Competition


  1. Create a blog

Your competitors might have a blog too but do they keep it updated with new, quality content? Your blog can be utilised to showcase your past projects, offering tips and tricks of the trade, giving advice or sharing any interesting information your target audience might find fascinating.


  1. Use High-Quality Images

Humans are visually inclined and images make it easier for your audience to connect with your on an emotional level. To take it up a notch, use personalised images rather than stock images and you’ll convert to more sales.


  1. Add Personality with a Video Intro

A video intro will give personality to your brand and you’ll immediately grab the visitors’ attention with a personal, relatable video. It is also an excellent way to differentiate your website from the masses.


  1. Go for a Custom WordPress Website Design

More than one-third of all websites globally use the WordPress platform. With WordPress, you can create a stunning, well-functioning website by using a template. Or you can hire a web developer to create a custom WordPress website.


WordPress Features and Benefits


  1. Completely Customisable

WordPress is an accomplished, multi-faceted platform. You have an option to choose from the many templates and customising it to your brand or you can opt for a custom WordPress design. The sky’s the limit when it comes to incorporating functionalities like e-commerce, social media and anything else you can think of. Just install a plugin. WordPress allows you to make your website fully responsive, making it easy for visitors to view it on their smart devices.


  1. The WordPress platform is extremely user-friendly and you don’t have to be a coding expert to use it. There simply is no end to what you can do with a WordPress website which is why it’s the platform of choice.


  1. Not Location-Dependent

You can easily update your website from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer and access to the internet to log on to and update your website.


  1. Comprehensive Support System

As mentioned before, you don’t need any expert skills to use WordPress but as with anything in life, sometimes things can go wrong and you might not know how to fix it. While your developer will be able to help you sort out any issues, there’s also an extensive support system online in the form of tutorial videos and support forums.


  1. WordPress Will Help You Rank Better

It’s no secret that Google and other search engines, love WordPress websites. For this reason, they seem to rank them better than websites developed on other platforms. This is just one more reason (of many) to use WordPress.


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