4 Things You Can Do To Stay Safe On The Internet

Below are some effective tips on how to protect yourself on the internet.

1. Strong passwords: Hackers access your accounts easily if your password is not strong enough. How do you make your password strong? For starters, refrain from using your name or date of birth when generating passwords. The best way to approach this is combining capital letters, numbers and special characters to create a password. What is more, ensure to use more than six characters. Also ensure that all your accounts bear varying passwords. This is mainly because, once the hackers learn one of your passwords, they will be able to access all your accounts.

2. Be extra careful when shopping online: when providing information to an online shop, you must be extremely careful on the details you enter. Check if the website has secure technology in place by ensuring that the URL starts with https. There should be a padlock symbol on the right side at the bottom of the page. If there is no padlock, you should find a statement or image on the checkout page which clearly states that the website uses security technology vendor.

3. When sending out emails: people send out emails to their friends, workmates and family because it’s a great way of contacting people. While you may have excellent security software on your personal computer, the people receiving the mails might not have this level of security. By all means avoid putting any important or personal details in the mails you send and more so credit card details.

4. Scams: phishing scams usually lure people into offering private login details. For instance, you may be provided links to set up fake emails or even websites. Do not enter any personal details on a website unless you are a 100 percent sure that it is a legitimate page. Instead of using the link, try typing in the website URL for you to access the website directly. Alternatively, call the agency or business directly to find out more information. Most of these sites even claim to offer their services for free and yet require credit card details.

These are  some of the things that you should do to ensure that your personal information is kept as private as possible.