Storytelling has always been present in almost every culture. The act of storytelling, when done well can grab people’s attention and can invoke powerful emotions. Storytelling can move people to take action.
How we tell our stories has also evolved over time. The earliest form of storytelling was by word of mouth, accompanied perhaps by rudimentary cave drawings that depicted the daily live of the earliest humans. Eventually, stories and songs were passed on from one generation to the next until we discovered writing, printing of stories in books and magazines and finally, the recording of stories in digital books, audio books, and video recordings.
Perhaps the newest platform for captivating storytelling is the Internet. The use of storytelling to capture the attention of a global audience with just one post can indeed be a powerful tool to communicate your message. With storytelling we not only captivate audiences, we have a powerful tool for making our voice and message heard by the rest of the world.